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Basic Nuclear Lab SystemBasic Nuc Lab System

The Basic Nuclear Lab System is a complete student station designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction. The model ST160 is an updated replacement for the older ST150 and incorporates USB technology to connect to IBM compatible computers. The system may be used with or without a computer and consists of a 6-decade scaler/timer with built-in Geiger-Mueller counter, sample positioning tray and 11- piece radiation absorber set.
The system features a large LED display, variable high voltage for plateau measurements, serial interface and cable with software for data transfer to either the PC or Mac, experiment manuals and a set of alpha, beta and gamma radioisotope sources. Data files are stored in spreadsheet compatible format for graphing and manipulation prior to printing.



Introductory Nuclear Lab SystemIntroductory Nuc Lab System

This analog ratemeter system is powered by rechargeable batteries and may be use either as a portable surveyor or as a lab station. Equipped with a detachable GM probe, stand absorber set, source set, manuals, software and computer interface, the system may be used as a stand-alone station or with the computer
The emulation software transfers data from the instrument and allows the system to be used as a simple scaler/timer for more accurate measurements. The ratemeter and scaler functions are displayed on the monitor making the system ideal for classroom and group demonstrations. Files are saved in spreadsheet compatible format for graphing manipulation and printing.



Intermediate Nuclear Lab SystemIntermediate Nuc Lab System

The Intermediate System is built around the new ST360 Radiation Counter and provides the ultimate in nuclear lab systems for studying the characteristics of radiation. Features include preset time, a digital ratemeter with audible beeper and alarm and digitally controlled high voltage. The system includes a large volume Geiger-Mueller detector for improved efficiency, a 10-position sample stand, USB and serial interfaces to PC and Macintosh, software for full computer and data transfer, five radioisotope sources, 20-piece calibrated absorber set, lab manuals on CD and cables.
Operation may be as a stand-alone station or directly from the computer when used. Data files are saved in spreadsheet compatible format for importing in most common spreadsheets allowing the student to perform calculations and graph the results for printing. Software is compatible with Windows 95 and higher and System 7 through System 9 on the Macintosh. (Not all operating systems support USB.)  The ST360 is equipped with upgraded high voltage and an internal preamplifier allowing operation with optional scintillation detectors for gross gamma counting.



ST-160 Nuclear Lab StationST-160 Nuc Lab Stn

Designed for high school and college level nuclear science instruction, the ST160 Nuclear Science Station provides a complete solution for performing many basic nuclear demonstrations and experiments. The single convenient package includes a GM detector with multi-position sample stand, a 6-decade scaler with preset timer, a built-in 11-piece absorber set and a serial and USB computer interface for optional connection to either the PC or Macintosh computer. Basic operation of the model 160 Radiation Counter is straightforward and intuitive.

Spectrum ST160 Spec Sheet



ST-260 RatemeterST-260 Ratemeter

Brings new concepts to the basic Ratemeter for nuclear radiation measurements. Light weight, rugged construction coupled with internal rechargeable batteries allows up to 8-hours of portable operation for surveying, instruction and training. Continuous bench top operation is accommodated with the AC charger supplied. Fully variable high voltage and advanced design will support many different types of Geiger Mueller probes with operating voltage up to 1200 volts and count-rates up to 150,000 events per minute. Featuring a large precision analog meter, offers dual scales for direct reading in both counts per minute and counts per second for international markets.

Spectrum ST260 Spec Sheet



ST-360 Radiation CounterST-360

Radiation Counter with serial and USB interface and LABLINK software for PC. Offered as a direct replacement for the popular ST350, this new instrument features many improvements and additions to enhance application and flexibility for Nuclear Science instruction, Nuclear Medicine and Health Physics training.

Spectrum ST360 Spec Sheet



ST360W Scintillation Counter with SWD78-1 well detector for Wipe & Tube SamplesST360W + SWD78-1

The ST360W is a versatile, general purpose counter/timer for use with either a scintillation or GM detector. The unit features a large, 6-digit LED display with selection for counts, time, countrate, high voltage or alarm level. USB and serial outputs are included for connecting to an optional PC or Macintosh computer for data transfer and automated operation if required.
A fully regulated high voltage power supply with digital control is used to power the scintillator or GM detector and set the energy range or operating plateau. Various operating modes include preset time, preset alarm level and digital ratemeter. A remote position allows operation with a computer if required.



ST-370 Radiation CounterST-370 Radiation Counter

Radiation Counter is a computer-operated complement to the popular ST360 Radiation Counter. It does not offer standalone operation, since it is computer-controlled via a USB interface. This new instrument features many improvements and additions to enhance application and flexibility for Nuclear Science instruction, Nuclear Medicine and Health Physics training. In addition to supporting many types of GM counters, the instrument now includes an internal preamplifier and improved high voltage supply to operate scintillation detectors for applications such as a gamma counter for wipe testing and other gross gamma measurements.

Spectrum ST370 Spec Sheet



ST-400 Scintillation ProcessorST-400 Scintillation Processor

Provides a versatile and convenient interface between many types of scintillation detectors and most commercial Multichannel Analyzers. The instrument provides high voltage to power the photomultiplier tube, a preamplifier, an amplifier with adjustable gain and an amplifier input for use with existing external preamplifiers.

Spectrum ST400 Spec Sheet



ST-450 Scintillation SCA

ST-450The ST450 Scintillation SCA provides a convenient interface between a scintillation detector and counter/timer for detecting gamma rays over a defined energy range. Front panel controls allow selection of an energy window so that only gamma-rays within a specific energy range are counted. The unit contains all of the necessary support for connecting a scintillation detector and includes high voltage and built-in preamplifier/amplifier.

Spectrum ST-450 Spec Sheet



GPI  GM Pulse Inverter GPI    GM Pulse Inverter

Designed to interface a Geiger Mueller detector to a nuclear counter requiring positive polarity TTL or NIM logic input. The Pulse Inverter amplifies the negative signal from the GM tube an inverts its polarity producing a positive output signal of 4 volts amplitude and 20 µsec duration.

Spectrum GPI GM Pulse Inverter Spec Sheet


PA-1  Charge Sensitive Preamp  PA-1  Charge Sensitive Preamp 

The PA-1 preamplifier provides a convenient interface between a proportional counter or CdZNTe SPEAR detector and a single or multi-channel analyzer. Due to the low output of these detectors, a preamplifier such as the PA-1 is necessary to measure low energy gamma and X-rays. The PA-1 also provides extra filtering for the high voltage bias. Power is provided for the PA-1 via a DB9 male connector and 3’ cable. The unit is fully compatible with the models UCS20 and UCS30 spectrometers.

Spectrum PA-1 Preamplifier Spec Sheet



UCS30-1K  Universal Computer Spectrometer

Universal Computer Spectrometer, 1024 channels, USB interface, withUCS-30 MCA software for PC (Windows 2000/XP). Internal preamplifier allows direct connection to scintillation detectors. The bipolar amplifier includes polarity selection and multiple shaping times when using different types of detectors with external preamplifiers.

Spectrum UCS30-1k Spec Sheet


UCS30-2K  Universal Computer Spectrometer

Same as UCS30-1K except 2048 channels


UCS30-4K  Universal Computer Spectrometer

Same as UCS30-1K except 4096 channels



GP-25 Geiger Mueller Tube GP-25 GM Tube

A complete detector assembly utilizing a 25 mm diameter end-windowed GM tube for Alpha, Beta, Gamma detection. The plastic stand includes a sample tray and features 10-slots with 1 cm spacing for performing inverse square law experiments and holding radiation absorbers. The GM probe is readily removed from the stand for safe storage, hand-held applications or replacement.




GM-25 Replacement Geiger Mueller Probe GP 25  Geiger-Mueller Tube

25mm end window for
alpha, beta, gamma.
Replacement GM tube. 25 mm end window, 2 mg/cm2, 150v plateau, 150 microsecond deadtime, BNC connector.
25 mm OD, x 90 mm L.




GP-35 GP-35Geiger-Mueller Detector

Similar to the GP 25 but with a 35 mm Geiger tube for added sensitivity and improved counting efficiency. Complete detector assembly utilizing a GM 35 mm diameter end-windowed GM tube for alpha, beta, gamma detection. The plastic stand includes a sample tray and features 10-slots with 1 cm spacing for performing inverse square law experiments and holding radiation absorbers. BNC (3 ft) cable included.



GM-35 Replacement Geiger Mueller Probe GM-35 Replacement GM Tube

Replacement GM tube. 35mm end window, 2 mg/cm2, 150v plateau, 200 microsecond deadtime, BNC connector. 35 mm OD, x 223 mm L.





RAS11 Set of 11 Absorbers

RAS 20 Calibrated Radiation Absorber Set

This set of 20 calibrated radiation absorbers covers the range from 4.5 to 7400 mg/cm2 and consists of aluminum, plastic and lead plates. The absorber are 2.75 in2 and are designed to fit all Spectrum Techniques detector stand assemblies. This set suitable for absorption studies in alpha, beta, and gamma radiation

RAS 20









SPA38 Scintillation ProbeSPA-38

The SPA 38 provides a complete detector assembly for gamma spectroscopy applications. The 38x38 mm NaI(Tl) crystal includes PMT and voltage divider as an integral assembly. The probe is supplied complete with a 10-position sample stand, lead shield and cables for connecting directly to the spectrometer. Resolution is typically 7% @ 662 keV.  Includes SDA 38 detector, SDS 38 stand, shield and cables.




SP78W-1 Well DetectorSP-78W

This well detector assembly includes a NaI(Tl) 1.75x2" crystal with 0.7x1.5" well, voltage divider, stand, lead shield and cable(s). It ideally suited for measuring tube samples and wipes using a Multichannel Analyzer or scintillation counter. 


NOTE: SP78W-1  Single wire connection for scintillation counters.




For single gamma sources of >5 uCi, the LSD01 Lead Shield simplifies shipping problems and offers ultra-safe storage of sources.





With a wall thickness of 0.5'', this container is suitable for higher activity gamma sources. Holds up to 20 discs. Outside Dimensions: h= 3.6 x 2.25", Interior Dimensions: h= 2.65 X 1.25", 0.5" thick, approximately 4.6 lbs weight, painted exterior.