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ST360 Specifications

GM Input: BNC connector. Accepts standard Geiger Counters. Common HV.

SCINT Input: MHV connector. Anode signal from scintillation detector. Common HV.

High voltage: 0 to +1200 volts, stabilized. Digitally selectable in 10 volt increments.

Display: 6-decade LED, 1 in. numerals displays counts, preset counts, preset time, CPM, CPS, alarm level, and high voltage.

Modes: Count for preset time, counts/min., counts/sec., set alarm level 0-999999, set high voltage 0-1200v. Auto sensing serial or USB connection.

Audio: Beeps on input counts. Continuous tone if count rate exceeds preset level.

Data Links: USB connector for PC and Macintosh. DB-9 connectors accept RS-232 serial cable for computers not equipped with USB.

Power: Input 9 volt DC, at 500mA from AC line/charger. Specify 110-120, 220-240 VAC at time of order.

Dimensions: 12 in. W, x 8 in. H, x 4.5 in. D.


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