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Stand alone unit operates with or without computer.
GM counter
; 15mm diameter, 1.5-2mg/cm2 window, 500V operating, 150V plateau.
Sample holder
; 5-position, 1cm spacing.
; 6-decade, 999999, 1.25in. LED.
Preset Time; 0-900000 sec. decade selection.
High Voltage; 0-800V, digital steps of 20V.
Indicators; Run, Set HV, Set Time.
Serial Ports; DB-9M for PC, DB-9F for MAC.
Power; 9V DC from unit supplied. (110 or 220AC) Specify at time of ordering. Absorbers; 11-piece set, 6-7400 mg/cm2.


STX - WINDOWS-based software for PCs running up to Vista 32-bit operating systems. Optional MAC software runs on all Macintosh systems. Displays Gross Count, Elapsed Time, Digital CPM, Digital CPS, Analog CPM. Analog CPS, Data File (Run#, Voltage, Counts, Elapsed Time, Time of Day). Preset number of runs and Pause time between runs. File save to disk (spreadsheet compatible format), save to printer.

Ordering Information
ST160-PC System for IBM compatibles
ST160-MAC System for Macintosh computers.
ST160P Nuclear Lab Station without sources, lab manuals or serial cable. Includes absorbers and PC software.
ST160M Same but with MAC software.

Specify 220VAC operation if required.


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