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Recon Ruggedized Handheld Pocket PC

The new-generation Trimble® Recon® handheld is as tough as ever. With an IP67 rating, it's impervious to water and dust, and inside the rugged casing it's packed with new connectivity options. As well as increased memory, and an industry-standard, open operating system, you now have the option of built-in Bluetooth® and wireless LAN.
The Trimble Recon features a high-performance 200 MHz or 400 MHz processor, built-in Bluetooth wireless technology with the 400 MHz system and selected 200 MHz systems, and built-in wireless LAN with the 400 MHz system. All systems provide two CompactFlash (CF) slots, letting you add peripherals such as GPS cards, barcode scanners, or memory cards. You can also use the slots to add Bluetooth and wireless LAN cards to a 200 MHz Recon handheld.

You can use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to other devices such as a laser rangefinder, a mobile phone for connection to the Internet, or Trimble's GPS Pathfinder® receivers. And if you are within range of a WiFi network, the built-in wireless LAN in your 400 MHz Trimble Recon makes it very easy to send and receive data. As soon as you arrive at a WiFi hotspot, such as your work depot, you can quickly and securely transfer large amounts of data into the network.

Using the built-in wireless LAN (or wireless LAN CF card) and TrimPix™ technology, the Trimble Recon handheld can connect to a range of WiFi-capable Nikon digital cameras for automated capture of digital images. Download the TrimPix technology software, and you can take photos with your high resolution camera and easily send them wirelessly to your handheld.

The Trimble Recon runs the most advanced operating system available—Microsoft® Windows Mobile® version 5.0 software—so you can choose to run the application that best suits you, from the widest range of software. And because Windows Mobile 5.0 provides persistent storage, your data and applications are secure, even in the event of power loss.
Mobile technology is changing fast, but the Trimble Recon is designed with the future in mind: its open operating system, expandable storage and flexible connectivity deliver all you need, and more, in the most rugged, reliable solution available.
  Works with URSA II - Universal Radiation Spectrum Analyzer


Works with Abacus Wireless Handheld Radiation Alert® DetectorRecon w Abacus

Key features
Ultra-rugged and lightweight
Integrated wireless options (Bluetooth and wireless LAN)
Two CompactFlash expansion slots
Windows Mobile version 5.0 software
GPS functionality easily added
TrimPix technology for wireless camera support


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