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The instadose™ dosimeter is a small, rugged dosimeter based on patented direct ion storage technology.

This breakthrough technology provides radiation workers with a precise measurement of radiation dose and includes accurate long-term exposure tracking. A built-in memory chip stores each user's identity via an embedded unique serial code that is assigned to the user.

Now users have the flexibility to view their radiation dose at any time from any computer with internet access. Readings via a PC are enabled by a USB compatible detector. Once a user receives instadose they must first register at: During the registration process the instadose driver and client are installed on the users’ computer and the device is initialized for use.

Instadose Pics
When a user wishes to obtain a reading they simply log-in to their account, plug-in instadose to a USB port and on the homepage click on the computer image with the message “Plug in your instadose device now and click here to get an instant reading”. The accumulated dose stored on instadose is processed through a proprietary algorithm. This fully automated transfer of data minimizes the chance of human error and misidentification. Once complete a graphical representation of the current dose will load on the screen. Users can also view their cumulative dose level by clicking "View Cumulative Dose."

A variety of reports are available for download through AMP (Account Management Program). The reports include:
• Radiation Exposure Summary Report
• History Detail Report
• Who Has Not Read Their Device

Height: 1.5"
Width: 0.75"
Weight: 2.25 oz

Internal Memory:
100 MB (good for over 1,000 stored readings)

• USB compatible detector
• Instant read results
• Measures doses as low as a millirem

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