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VH-1 Vehicle Kit for AM-801 Portable Portal Monitor

Allows the AM-801 Portable Portal Monitor to be set up for fast scanning of cars and trucks for contamination. System can be set for drive-through or timed-count. Portal Monitor converts back to personnel monitor in five minutes.



No tools required--approx. 10 min.

Operating Mode

Drive through or timed count-system constantly measures background and automatically subtracts from each measurement. Touch sensitive screen for all data entry.


1μCi Cs137 on outside surface of vehicle

Processing Rate

 Approx. 4 ft/sec (approx. 3 mph) Max vehicle speed

Detector Separation

Maximum of 120" (10' or 3 meters)

Person &/or vehicle sensor & counter

Optical sensors automatically sense person or vehicle entering
counting area. Counter automatically counts number of persons
or vehicles per day, shift, etc. and saves count and time/date
of vehicles exceeding alarm setpoints.


25 lbs complete kit in shipping case


aluminum and stainless steel

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